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Browse Allied Health: Electronic Records
•  PubMed: Ethical Issues and the    Electronic Record

•  PubMed: Can electronic medical    record systems transform health    care?

•  Paper versus electronic    documentation in complex chronic    illness

•  Definition, structure, content, use    and impacts of electronic health    records: A review of the research    literature

•  Are Electronic Medical Records    Achieving Their Potential?

•  Doctors' use of electronic medical
   records systems in
   hospitals: cross sectional survey

•  Use of Electronic Health Records
    in U.S. Hospitals

•  The Meaningful Use Regulation for    Electronic Health Records

•  Can Electronic Medical Record    Systems Transform Health Care?

•  The Impact of Electronic Health    Records on Time Efficiency

•  Electronic Medical Records and    Diabetes Quality of Care

• Personally Controlled Online
  Health Data

•  Electronic Health Records: What's
   in it for Everyone?

• Medline Plus: Electronic Health    Records

•  Electronic Health Record Systems
   of Office-based Physicians

•  WorldCat: Electronic Records
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